Bits of Babel: Annie Get Your Gun


Taiwan is a repressive regime.

NIMZOWITCH shouts Taiwan is repressive?
I don't think so. How about them Commies
on the mainland?


The Taiwanese make good bikes.


Not any better. I agree.

GUMBLE shouts They both make defective
stuff to sell to us rich Americans ...

NIMZOWITCH shouts They execute more people
every year than all other nations combined.
Also, they sample their intended prey for
organs, with the hope of capitalizing on
desperate transplant tourists. Hang, harvest,
dispatch to family. Yeah baby!


What defective Taiwanese stuff have you bought

NIMZOWITCH shouts Nothing. All of it is first

CUBBY shouts C'mon Nitwit. We execute people
because we like to and think it's good clean
fun. We'd do it for free if we had to.


It's amazing Skonk is even permitted to play
here. He has a habit of aborting games he's

CUBBY shouts Him and a few thousand others ...
if what you say about him is true.

GUMBLE shouts What country locks up more of
its people in prison than any other?


Oh it's true all right, is it that bad a
problem? I'm relatively new here.

CUBBY shouts Good ole USA!

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