Bits of Babel: Yesterday's Future

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts Labels don't usually
stick, unless they're political ones and aimed
at an American.

CAPTAINMURPH shouts During the Korean War I was
a clerk in a small M*A*S*H unit. Everyone there
called me Radar. I once sent a jeep home to my
parents one piece at a time. Oh those were the

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts Modal Logic was cool.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts Why did they call you Radar?
Didn't the tv show start 20 years after the war

CAPTAINMURPH shouts Because I always just sort of
knew what was going to happen before it happened.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts My bad or yours?

CAPTAINMURPH shouts Like when Colonel Blake was
about to talk I would answer his question before
he said it-- so they called me Radar.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts Ohh. Fitting.

ZANA shouts Never denies anything.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts What do they call you now?

CAPTAINMURPH shouts Now they call me Master at
the dojo when I teach ninjitsu to children with
learning disabilities. Usually it sounds like
"Mathtoo," but that's OK, they'll improve.

TINIEL shouts I hate lag!!

ZANA shouts Needs more Nodes per Seconds in its
algorithm ...

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