Bits of Babel: War of Words and Unspent Hate ...

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts I studied Philosophy with Ed Gettier at the local university. He supposedly debunked Plato's Theory
of Knowledge in a 3 page paper in 1963. I must say he was a sharp cat.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts It took until 1963? That's odd.

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts You can read it if you search the
net, I guess, it's a very good read.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts That realization may come without
philosophical guidance. It's called logic.

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts He was a Logic teacher.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts You can teach logic?

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts That's what they said.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts You're mad.

SILICONVISION doesn't believe in Logic.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts Education gives you powers of
logic. Logic doesn't give you education.

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts We had our own special language.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts Me too.

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts You need it to analyze.

CAPTAINMURPH shouts I teach ninjitsu to children with
learning disabilities.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts That's noble.

ZANA shouts Logic is a course offered in many liberal
arts colleges.

FICKLEPHARAOH shouts Yes, I know. What a load of

ZANA shouts P or not P.



I have the heart of a liberal ...

GROOVYHUSTLER shouts I did however take all the logic
courses they offered.


... in a jar on my desk.

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